Statement of Philosophy

Our service exists to nurture and guide the child to achieve their potential in a manner that fosters individuality, kindness and compassion for others.  Treating others as one would hope to be treated forms a basis of our philosophy at Matakana Village preschool.  Nurturing the child through creating an environment where each person is respected and treated with empathy and kindness.

Developing a child’s emotional intelligence through positive interactions with teachers, children and activities and developing a feeling of well being and belonging within the preschool will help the children gain developmental milestones.  The first aim when children come to Matakana Village Preschool is to ensure they feel emotionally secure and comfortable.  From this strong emotional foundation of trust, academic milestones are also achieved through integration of a variety of philosophies to create the unique learning environment we have established.

Children will gain lifelong skills of being part of a working community through meaningful interactions with one another and the environment.  They will gain an understanding that their activity creates meaningful activity for another child.

Balance is a key word in our philosophy.  A balance between group and individual activity, between structured and spontaneous activity and building on each child’s individual needs and interests.

Our environment encourages children to make choices and direct their learning, their ideas are built on and extended, their strengths identified and fostered.

Providing high quality early childhood education is the key component to our philosophy.   We embrace Te Reo and the heritage our country gives us.   Ensuring that children and Whanau feel welcome and feel that they have a voice and are a vital part of their child’ s education, building a child’s self esteem and self discipline through purposeful activity, and providing appropriate boundaries will ensure children flourish at Matakana Village Preschool.

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